Preparing to sell your property can be an overwhelming task. Staging can minimize this challenge. Staging can transform your property’s appearance, highlight its best features, and give it an edge that will set it apart and make it more desirable in a competitive marketplace.

Studies show that staged properties sell for more money in a shorter length of time. This is because staging creates an environment that promotes immediate buyer interest. Agents recognize staged properties as ready to sell and are more likely to show the property to potential buyers. Buyers recognize staged properties as well taken care of and as the best properties to view. Appraisers are more likely to appraise staged properties at full value.

Our goal through staging is to create and present an environment that will attract and appeal to a wide variety of buyers, maximize equity and promote a more successful sale by enhancing your investment. Whether you simply need a comprehensive consultation with detailed suggestions that you can implement yourself or if you would like our team to completely transform your property, Ironic Design can assist you with your staging needs.