235 Berry Street

This charming 2 bedroom property is located in a newly built modern building that reflects the energy of its surrounding neighborhood. Read more

The Portside II

The Portside II is a slightly newer building than the original Portside. This unit had large windows overlooking the bay and lots of natural light. Read more

Union Square

This prestigious pied a terre located a few blocks from the popular Union Square in San Francisco was a vacant second home for my client. The building was modern in design from the moment you walked through the doors. Read more

3rd Street Loft

3rd Street, SOMA Loft – San Francisco was a redesign project. The loft was a blank canvas with white walls incorporating two different styles. Read more

501 Beale Street 16D

501 Beale Street 16D was a second home for my clients. The property was located on the 16th floor and had an amazing view of the bay and the Bay Bridge. Read more

The Portside

The Portside building is on older high-rise condominium that still contains most of its original features, such as large round windows that mimic portholes on ships. Most of the units have great views of the bay and the Bay Bridge. Read more


This property located in the Rockridge area of Oakland was large multiple room home with a private outdoor patio. The location and style of home played a large part in the choice of furnishings used for this property. Read more